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#1 13 years ago

All these people are bringin out e.g. chaos mods n stuff. Well, i think that the emperors children mod, should link with other chaos mods such as the death guard mod etc. I mean, some mods like the battle fortress mod r good, but i hate having to activate just tht and havin to hav to play and use just tht one model All in all, i would like to see a super mod with all decent mods added to it, i wait for other's comments.:)


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10th March 2006

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#2 13 years ago

First of all, that's entirely up to the mod teams that made the mods. Second, you have to consider the compatibility issues that have to be addressed with combining multiple mods. It may sound like a good idea, but I don't really see it ever happening.


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5th July 2006

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#3 13 years ago

I dont think that will ever happen is a very long time.:uhm:


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22nd September 2005

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#4 13 years ago

Yeah thats right, it's a lot of work combining them all together, and maybe the death guard mod is made for a team of spain (i don't know) and the emperors children mod team is from New york:uhm: Mailing the files will take long time and for example here in spain is now 5:00 am(i have to go work at this hour ¬¬) BUT IT WOULD BE A GREAT THING IF THIS HAPPENED!!!!!


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30th January 2006

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#5 13 years ago

It would be great if this happened and they did it with the consent of the mod teams, rather than that idiot who stole everyone's mods, merged them, fixed some of the incompatabilities and then released it pretty much as his own work on DoWFiles with no permission asked and no credit given.

But as Adonis said, there's compatability issues with merging mods, especially if two mods alter the same file - which do you keep?


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18th July 2006

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#6 13 years ago

I believe that the Emperor's Children mod and the Craftworld Eldar mod are going to be compatable with each other, and there are also the Wrath of Chaos mod that has several races. You could also wait for the Steel Legion's Armageddon Ork mod that should be combatible with Steel Legion and Night Shift.

Other then that, i would say wait for offical mod releases then to try and combine mods. Most mods aren't balanced with each other anyhow and i hear its quite difficult to merge mods.