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23rd December 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Besides the looks and sound, what do you think is good about dods?. I find it hard to find anything good. the game play and teamwork is gone,and now most servers everyone uses machine guns. The sept 27 was the last update and that makes me wonder if we will have to wait till next year till we see updates/pacthes. I wonder why it took so long to release the game.I think that from oct 5-04 to sept 26-05 that the game would have had better new maps, not 4 old ones from dod........ and that with all the time they had there shouldnt be so many bugs..

im done with this rant, but the markers of this game , imo'they did not do a good job...... im still going to play dod cause of the good teamwork and the gameplay(weapons)


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26th April 2004

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#2 14 years ago

I think it's good. Just needs more material; maps, weapons; paratroopers and british.

I think the gameplay is better. Some say it's not for clans; isn't the new team score system excellent?

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26th February 2005

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#3 14 years ago

I sometimes don't get the 'feel' to it like I did in Day of Defeat. I agree with Rikupsoni, DoD:S could do with more content. I miss the British, purely because I am British. Also, a lot of the weapons have just been ripped out. We should be able to use the M1 Carbine without becoming 'Rocket' class.