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#1 12 years ago

this is aimed at the new updates coming to DoD: S, now i know many will say "they arent final" but it seems they have decide to insult long time DoD fans and players, including myself. I've been playing since 1.3 and people i game with, even longer. this new "update" was a slap in our faces that the epic that is DOD is not good enough(which it was, all we needed were improved hit boxes, and the orange box engine was a nice touch), they need to create a game that is now more like TF2 then Day of Defeat. There have been many mixed feeling about this, i encourage everyone to DL the beta nd try it for yourself and see how screwed up this game is going to become(no, im not speaking of bugs and glitches) and after doing so and u do agree, please sign this petition so we can at least word our opinion on this matter.

Day Of Defeat: Source Beta Sucks Petition