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The 104th Infantry Regiment is a Realism Unit for Day of Defeat: Source. We were recently founded by former members of the 3rd Infantry Division and are looking for mature members to fill our ranks. If you are interested in being recruited, visit us at our website.

We run a modified version of the DoD:S Realism Pack with the following settings:

Name: 104th Infantry Regiment - Realism Server Slots: 22 Public, 2 Reserved for 104th Infantry Members

Server IP: server.104th-infantry.net:27015 ( Location: Dallas, Texas - ThePlanet Datacenter

Main Settings: - Reduced Health to 80% at Spawn - Decreased Run Speed - Decreased Friction

Weapon Class Settings: Rifleman Class - Reduced Rifle Grenandes 1 - Addition of 2 Fragmentation Grenades - Addition of a secondary weapon (Colt .45 or Walther P38 Pistol)

Support Class - Addition of a secondary weapon (Colt .45 or Walther P38 Pistol)

Rocket Class - Reduced Rocket ammunition to 2 - Increased ammunition of the M1 Carbine to 9 clips - Increased ammunition of the Mauser C96 to 6 clips - Increased gravity for realistic weight values of the Bazooka and Panzershrek

Current Mapcycle: - dod_colmar - dod_kalt - dod_jagd - dod_anzio - dod_argentan - dod_flash - dod_donner - dod_avalanche

Custom Maps - Votable Only: - dod_anvil2 - dod_churchyard_b5 - dod_strand_b4 - dod_stug_b4

Note: The map cycle is subject to change

The server also features the CS: Source Ragdoll Physics for DoD: Source to give a more realistic style of death to the game rather than preset physics entities that are normally available to DoD: Source. These are automatically downloaded when you connect.

There is also Fade-To-Black at death and blood smears on your screen when shot to give a more atmosphere to the game. However the Medic/Bandage feature is not available as it is not true to the original style of bandaging and bleeding that was in the beta releases of Day of Defeat.

We have Psychostats running updates every morning at 4am EST, and you can view them here.

Server Rules

The server rules are to be followed and abided by at all times, no leniency will be given to rule breakers. Anyone caught breaking the server rules will be warned once, if you continue to disrespect our rules you will kicked and banned permanently!

* Friendly Fire is ON. Do not fire in or around the spawn area, this includes any weapon. * Do not team kill or team wound; anyone seen purposely doing this will be banned on the spot. * We pay for and maintain the server you play on, so please give us some courtesy. * Please respect the [104th Inf] tag at all times. * Do not impersonate 104th Infantry members or the [104th Inf] tag. * Do not spawn camp or try to gain access to the enemy spawn. * Please keep profanity and name calling to an absolute minimum. * Profanity or racial slurs will not be tolerated in player names. * No racial, ethnical or political comments will be tolerated at all. * Degrading or sexual comments towards female players will get you an instant kick and ban. * Do not recruit or advertise your clan/units web-site address. * 104th Infantry members are to wear the [104th Inf] tag at all times while on the server.

[SIZE="4"] We look forward to seeing you on the server and the Community Forums![/SIZE]