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#1 13 years ago

Two overly bored United States Army Drill Sergeants playing Day of Defeat Source formed the 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment in October 05. Soon other ex-military and non-military players joined. We do Realism, play in leagues, follow chain of command and have training schools/Practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2100-2300 (9-11pm est). To put it simply, the 509th-PIR is looking for mature gamers ages 14 and above. We regard Teamwork and communication over skill, although the combination is most welcome. We have a 32-man server and a Teamspeak server. We currently have over 20 active members. Our server IP is - stop in and say hi every now and then Those of you who are interested in joining please visit our forums at http://509th-pir.fragwhore.com/gl-bin/forum/ and visit our enlistment HQ. Please note that our website is currently going under some changes and we will be getting a domain name soon. {509th}SGT. Adams '509th Recruitment Officer'