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What is the 9th ID you might ask?

Well...as you already might know 9th ID stands for 9th Infantry Division. The 9th is a realism unit in Day of Defeat 1.3 who is very active and friendly. We're a new realism unit (been up for about 3 months no) seeking active members. (No realism experience needed!)

What is realism?

Well its quite simple, Realism is a type of community where we try to make Day of Defeat as realistic as possible. We use realistic ranks that were used in the army during World War II. We have realistic jobs and roles for people such as Military police, Adjutant, and other fun and desk jobs! It is also a different style of game play that we use to make things more realistic. It is when you have a match (usually 12 v. 12) against another unit (or among your own unit for fun). These matches consist of 2 rounds. Attack and Defense. The attacking team will push forward (usually under the command of the highest rank) and attack the team on defense who will be defending their side of the map. There's a catch to this style of game play though. Once you die, you must go spectator and wait for the remainder of your team to either die, or kill the opposing forces (axis or allies). There are also weapon restrictions for each match. The usually consist of 3 SMG's, 1 B.A.R or STG (depending on what team),1 Machinegun and the rest are Rifleman, M1 Garand or Carbine for the Allies, and the K98 or K43 for the Axis. If there is a tie between the Allies and Axis (ex: Axis win attack, and Allies win attack) then there will be an Encounter, which means there is no defense and both teams attack.

Why should you join the 9th ID?

-We are very friendly. -You will meet new people, some from around the world. -You will get a chance advance through real US army ranks. (WWII) -You will get a chance to prove your self and show some leadership skills. -You will Not have to go through BCT (Basic Combat Training) -You will have a chance to receive Awards and Medals for exceptional performance in a scrim.

All you need to do is meet a few simple requirements

- Maturity - 13 years of age or older - Ventrilo(Ventrilo - Surround Sound Voice Communication Software) - A fun attitude and ability to listen to orders - Respect to higher rankings - And a commitment of at least 6 hours Per Week.

-The IP of our Day of Defeat server is -The url to our Website: 9th Infantry Division :: Home *Once there, register, then go to the Recruitment office to fill out a Enlistment application

Any questions? Add me on Aim: Insanepimpcc

Signed Private John Reese

- Contact info - Unit Name - 9th Infantry Division - Website - 9th Infantry Division :: Home - Country of the Unit - We play from all around the World. - Members - 74 Soldiers - Unit Started - October, 2nd. 2007 - Leagues - Yes, some of the members are in leagues. - Practices - We make a poll for them. - DoD Server - - Info on the Unit - Above is the info