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#1 13 years ago

Hello All, This is my first time with a DoD clan, I've ran many CS clans before but never a DoD clan. I am looking for members, especially people who know server management, adding maps, admins, amx, basically the behind the scenes. The Avengers, Tag : [T||A] I am located in Pennsylvania, USA. Just one member, I started the clan today ^^^ This clan isn't meant for competitive reasons, yet. Any time during the day, we're not gonna do any practices on a regular basis, this is a fun clan. No, the clan does not have a server, but once we get a couple members, and at least 1 that can do the server management, I will order one. If you are looking for a clan that will be a fun, relaxed area, this is the clan for you. If you are looking for a clan just for competitive reasons, this may not be the best clan for you, but I am always interested in leagues. I'd prefer members to be at least the age of 13, preferrebly the older you are, the better. But I recruit on maturity, not numbers. Your sex doesn't matter at all. If you are not from the USA, that doesn't matter to me, just as long as you are active. I'm not looking for the best of the best players, if you are good, Great, I'd be happy to share a tag with you, if you aren't still good, I'd still be happy to share a tag with you. Thank you for taking the time and reading about my clan, and I hope to see some responses. Again, Thank You.