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30th October 2004

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#1 13 years ago

- Contact info - What is the name of the clan -=EMP=- Elite marine patriots -The website address of the clan www.empclan.info - In what country is the clan based on USA - How many members you have for dods just 2 - For how long has the clan been going on about 2 years - Ladders / cups you may play in None yet for DODS - Which time and day you prefer for practices will work out with members - Does the clan have a server not yet around the first of the month We will be getting one - Any additional info about the clan, I'm trying to have a atmosphere Were people dont have to feal like they have to compete or be the best i want a layed back place for people to play and make firends. but at the same time also do some clan matches along the way Then give any possible limits for the player: - Age I would prefer 18+ exceptions will be made if you can show a level of maturity - Sex any - Country Prefer the US for time zone reasons but any one is welcome - Experience..? any skill is welcome -Note... also looking for some one that could donate just a few dollars a month nothing much i can cover the cost of most of the server. but not required!