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13th December 1999

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#1 18 years ago


I have a AMDK6-2 333, 32MBram(sucks i know), 15inch monitor and a voodoo banshee....(if ya need to know more pls ask. But any advice on settings and configuration would be appreciated as I dont reckon its running aswell as it should...and yes i know more ram would help but moneys always a problem in it =)


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#2 18 years ago

Hey, i got a AMDK6/333, 128 megs ram Voodoo3 3000, and i just got the extra 64 megs recently and it made the whole system really scream im comparison to what it used to do, i did have the 128 before i got unreal Tourney though, so, i reccomend getting more memory, however, i am considering getting either a high-end celeron or a PII or PIII, i think they have a better FPS ability, my friend has a PII 400, and his runs and always has run better than my amd.. C


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13th November 1999

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#3 18 years ago

High End Celeron, now that's an oxymoron