Intellimouse's blow, stick with the original -1 reply

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4th June 2000

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#1 20 years ago

OK, I brought UT to a friends house, and he has one of those intellimouse things. Well, I had the flag and was running to my base then I just flipped into a circle. It was crazy. I tried shooting the enemies chasing me with the rocket launcher, and ended up killing myself. That pissed me off. I swear never to use an intellumouse.


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31st October 2000

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#2 20 years ago

Hell yeah! I used to have the same trouble with the no.57 bus!


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29th June 2000

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#3 20 years ago

yep - optical mice are great when they work - but they always fuck up when you can really do without it!

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30th September 1999

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#4 20 years ago

my intellieye is prolly the best piece of hardware i've ever owned..... its only done that to me 2x and no one was around anyway.....

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#5 20 years ago

It's never happened to me.. I've had the mouse for 4 months now.

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6th April 2000

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#6 20 years ago

only ZP gives me shit. my intellimouse is more stable then that POS mod

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14th May 2000

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#7 20 years ago

Dude mine has never done that. It does act up from time to time, but it is a minor inconvenience. It is way better than moving the mouse and nothing happens, like before on those shitty wheel based mouses! I will never go back!

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6th May 2000

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#8 20 years ago

Mine does it every now and then... I just deal with it... Just like all the other M$ products. biggrin.gif

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