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28th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hi, Can someone do this clan im in a really big hand with there server. The server admins away 4 a bit so left this server running... It was set up quickly so u cant download maps on entry=(

The server is stuck on CTF-DE-ElecFields and noone has that map nor want 2 download the bonus pack.... :deal: bit big Anyway hes not back 4 a while and,,,well i aint going to swizaland to break into his house to fix this :fistpunch: not a good idea....

I though it might be easier if someone with CTF-DE-ElecFields could please visit the server and capture the flag once and then you can leave..It will change after 20 odd mins but u dont need 2 wait...

The server name is !DIA!CLAN SERVER


I would fix it but im on 33.6k :( so maybe not-take a fare few hours.

This would be a huge help!!! :dance:

Please reply to this if anyone does help us!!!

This is a real problam--not trying to get u into the server but u may stay if u wish--open 2 all--