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12th June 2000

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#1 18 years ago

Fellow glibbsters- I've down loaded and installed 2 maps and they played fine. When I tried to play "Warfare" and "DiamondSword" after extracting them to my C:\unrealtournament\map file (where I put the others) I got this message "Failed to Enter C:\maps\CTF-warfare.unr: can't find file for package 'sf_city2'" I tried starting them by right-clicking on them in the maps file, the UT board comes up, I hit the Run UT, then I get that message. Am I missing something? Should I run it in Safe mode first. They do come up in the map area but there is no pic in the box to the right where the map that U are playing usually shows before starting the match. Thanks for the help.


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30th September 1999

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#2 18 years ago

start up UT and go to file: start practice session... i didnt discover it at first either... they'll be in there.. just choose the correct game type.....

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11th March 2000

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#3 18 years ago

Sounds like those maps came with other files included as part of it. Check for and .uax, .umx, or .utx files that come with the map.

.uax goes in the sounds, .umx goes in music, and .utx goes into textures.

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