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19th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

The New Player By: The Old Player To Epic, the various websites, and my fellow gamers:

First, if you are new to online gaming, you are not yet a fellow gamer, and will most likely become another victim of the market. I will hope for you to rise above.

By the time the Original Unreal Tournament arrived, online gaming was old to me. It was in UT and in Q3 that I saw the first signs of what was to come. Things like aimbots were not new, but now we saw them in mass! Soon they were everywhere, made even easier as the more educated began exploiting known issues in UT that Epic flatly ignored.

I am only one of a few players that I know that is still here, and not because I have no life, no job, no friends, no self respect…whatever, and because this is my only outlet for all of my vengeance towards life and humanity. I am still here because I “enjoy playing.” It is “fun” for me; it is entertainment. Also, being competitive, I like to win. However, I do not mind being beaten by the better player.

Now, in our story, with the help of UTPure and several other tools, we were able to keep just ahead of the botters. Then, the next phase began; this was where admins stopped updating to the latest…allowing their team-mates to cheat. They even began supporting and protecting them in doing so. Then more and more, the latest batch of crying, whining ‘what ever the hell comes after the GenY types’, who were there because they had no life, no job, no friends, no self respect…whatever, and because this was there only outlet for all of their vengeance towards life and humanity…they began to show up.

They came complete with the new, now rampant “Winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing!” attitude that drives these sorry souls to do everything from just becoming complete jerks to botting. They are those players that you can now find on virtually any UT2003 server, with nothing better to do than to do their best to make everyone else in the server miserable. They’re behavior is often worse than their language.

They can smell their own, too. When you go into the server you’ll notice that although they aren’t all of the same clan, they stay together, and will not stray even to balance the teams. They aren’t there because they enjoy the game, or even competition. They are only there to win; beating others is all that they crave. It is all that they understand. If they were a clan warming up for a ladder match, it would make sense.

Oddly enough, you can still find some great players that are there because they enjoy it. But you can’t find many in UT2003. Nope, in spite of the efforts by Epic, etc. to kill off the original UT, that’s where you’ll find them. Great players like Daos from the HiT clan that would rip you a new ass, then give you encouragement, and tell you how much he enjoyed “playing” against you. He was, by the way, the world CTF champion when Epic killed the UT world stats, and did it without the attitude.

This is only one of several reasons that I’m considering giving up multiplayer, online gaming. In my next post, I’ll give you the skinny on UT2003 servers.

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14th September 2002

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#2 17 years ago

:uhm: While I agree with you on several points in your very well thought out posting. This still doesn't give your the right to cross post and waste our bandwidth. Please keep your postings to the appropriate areas, like this one. This area is suitable for your venting, not the others you posted. For the record, I've been around online gaming as long as you, probably longer. Hell, I wrote a serial driver so that 3 machines could be cabled together to play Doom before there was an Internet. I still remember the Arpanet and BBS's. I saw the decline start with Quake2 where the first aimbot's showed up (I don't recall any for Quake1). It was hastened by Asus releaseing Geforce2 drivers that could strip textures and allow you to work in wire frame mode. So this downfall you refer to had started a while back. You aren't the only one to notice. Just remember, there are plenty of servers in the sea, to rip off a famous phrase.


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24th October 2002

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#3 17 years ago

Like GR said, there's some good points there, but jeez PapaBear how many threads do you need to open for ranting about UT2003 being dominated by aimbots?? Perhaps you should try answering people who have replied in the other similar threads that you started instead of opening yet another on the same subject. I haven't seen anyone in UT2003 who I'm 100% sure was using an aimbot, if you want to see a game that really is ruined by botting then try AvP2, I know that game very well and KNOW what serious botmongering means. Occasional "might be botters" are a bummer for a little while but you'd have to be the most sensitive guy in the world to let the rare lamer put you completely off a game. Unless he's using super-speed, instant-kill pulse rifles and invincibility like the guy who finally put me off AvP2 despite all its other flaws =/