UT2k3 is out!!!!! -1 reply

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14th September 2002

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#1 16 years ago

I have it and it is freaking awesome, if anyway wants to know where to go to get it go to best buy they had like 50 copies of it.

BTW it is 3 cds!!!!!!


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#2 16 years ago

3 CDs!?!?! WHOA!!!!!!! but i went to best buys and they didnt have it [#%@$*@#$)#%&*@#&%] I WANT MY UT2003 NOW!!!!!!!


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#3 16 years ago

i have sum questions about the game tho.... can you blow people apart affter they are dead? in the demo when they die you cant blow the dead bodies apart like you can in the first one..that was disapointing. Also..do the bodies and blood stay on the ground longer in the full game? in the demo it seems like i shoot them and tehy die and they vanish just after hitting the ground... :fistpunch: