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29th March 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hi, ive made a pack for dods which changes textures etc on pretty much everything but the maps. Ive come to the readme, credited all of the authors, but theres too many to email. What should i do? ive attatched the credits here, so if any of the below authors stop by this thread, please state how you'd feel about me including your stuff. Player Models Wile E. Coyote, Rascal - German SS player skins Donot: - American Player Models User Interface: Insane: - HUD & sprites - Team Flags Speahead: - Axis Scope DbtKenny: - Minimap Icons Sh[a]rk: - Main menu background DARKELFA: - US player icon DerLandser: - Neutral Ripped Flag BigDog: - Bumpmapped hands Weapons Wile E. Coyote: - Thompson - Colt - Allied smoke grenade - MG-42 - K98 scoped (contains our own modifications from Dodss Kuggan) - Spade - American knife DayOfDefeat123: - Allied Grenade Soul-Slayer: - mp40 (v_model) Lee McGee: - mp40 (w_model) H4wK: - Axis Grenades Kiff: - K98k (Kiff & Splinter) Sproily / Twinke Masta + Tub: -P38 (with modifications) Sgt.R.Lee: - Springfield De Groene Grizzel: -Panzerschreck SSdeliverbomb: - Mauser c96 DayofDefeat123: - Allied granade KILLSHOT [MErC]: - .30cal Teh FA7B0Y: - bazooka 5h1fty: - BAR - STG44 - with Rascals wooden stock - M1 Carbine Core-damage: - M1 garand Anonymous Ammo boxes Scenery KILLSHOT: - Nazified Crates - Retextured Sdfkz 222 - Retextured Kubelwagon ReVo1Ver - Fuel Barrels Rascal: - Propaganda Posters Anonymous: - vry good job though, you should have posted your name - Tiger Tank Wile E. Coyote: - Sandbag and tree normal maps Dead: - Numbered LVCP Sounds Electronic Arts: - STG44 Shoot sound - MP40 Shoot sound - M1 Garand Shoot sound Wile E. Coyote: - All Thompson Sounds 5hifty - M1 Carbine Shoot sound - BAR Shoot sound Meh: - For converting Red orchestra sounds for dods Indiana Jones: - German Win music SSdeliverbomb: - C96 Shoot & reload sounds All from a mixture of about 20 sound packs, although i cant remember where i got them from - K98 shoot & reload - Mp40 reload - Stg44 reload If theres anything else i've missed i apologise, its taken months to build this pack up so hopefull you can understand that things can be forgotten. Please contact me before asking for this file to be removed, stating whats yours i can then update the readme file. If your still not satisfied, tell me why.