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#1 15 years ago

Computer Specs : 2.4ghz, 512ram, 256mb ATI Radeon Video Card, DSL connection Problem : I play DOD source for about 20 minutes with no lag at all. Its perfect but then after around that time it just lags out crazily until I reboot. :mad: I went to my local computer professionals and they said my computer should be enough to run DOD source fine. I mean, it plays fine for about 20 mins, but cannot run it fine any longer? What seems to be there problem? I was thinking about updating to 1 GIG of RAM. The computer guys said it MIGHT be my internet connection blocking bandwith and not providing me with enough or something like that, OR the game isn't giving me enough resources. If you think you can help me or provide me with information about this. Please reply back here ASAP or email me at [EMAIL="pbutera40@yahoo.com"]pbutera40@yahoo.com[/EMAIL] or on AIM at badassb016. PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you. :cya:


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#2 15 years ago

K, maybe be dx prob..And the 2.4 ghz is not as fast as it should be.another 512 or more ram will help alot.run game in dx8 and lower game settings.check for spyware/worms. run scandisk/checkdisk, make sure harddrive is in good shape.If you are playing with HDR on turn it off as it takes mem to use.Your pc is ok but its time for a upgrade!!faster cpu, more ram.what kind of gfx card you have?