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10th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

wild west is the best mod i've ever seen so don't worry about losing players i'll do what i can to get new players here from hungary! here are some suggestions and ideas about what you could do/add to this fantastic mod: - a shotgun - throwing knifes - different parts of getting hit (head, legs, stomach and stuff) - you can shoot throgh the wooden (or even other) walls (i think an 1860 bullet would easily go through woodwalls) - 2 shotguns :lol: - new mission objectives: - the cowboys have a very important thing (or person, that would be one of the players, but the vip is a rich fatman so he can't shoot but he got a pistol for defending himself) to transport trough a canyon or bridge or town or forest and the banditos want to get it/kill him. - the banditos have to blow up the two parts of the city hall (one part would be to easy). - the banditos want to destroy a mine (or a city hall?) and need some tnt. what they gonna do? they simply steal it. but the cowboys won't let that! - get those horses back! the banditos stole some horses from the nearby stack. the goal of the cowboys is to get them back from the bandito's camp. they can capture flags nearer and nearer to the base, till they get almost to the entrance of the cave (where the banditos have theyre camp). the banditos won't respawn in the cave because it would be to easy to defend. in this game the cowboys attack and the banditos defend. - simple team survivor - a very big house (or ranch, hacienda, i don't know what) was attacked by the banditos. they killed everybody and hold the rich fatman or governor or mayor imrpisoned. they wan't a large sum of gold in exchange for him. here each team is attacker and defender: the bandits have to defend the house, but they also want the money, so they dug a tunnel to the bank, from where they want to steal the money and flee. the only thing they still need to do is to blow up the bottm of the bank and get in. the cowboys need to storm the bank and rescue the rich fatman or governor or major but they discovered the tunnel so they also have to defend the bank. each team loses if the rich fatman or governor or mayor is killed. i hope i helped you whith some of my ideas (i still have a lot) and wish you a very succesfull and good year with this mod!


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26th October 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Yeah great stuff. Feedback and ideas are always welcomed as are Hungarians to the old West.