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#1 15 years ago

Movie might not suck?! Who wrote that?! Just kidding. It's a good read.

You'd think that the subject material would be IMMATERIAL if the right people were behind making the movie, as some movies are like Pulp Fiction [nothing really special happening, just cut from Tarentino's fictional world], the Usual Suspects, Snatch, etc. Having the studios that did the FX from Aliens, Predator, Terminator, etc. would make me think that the FX will be good. Id said they'd closely monitor the movie production. But Dwayne Johnson playing the Marine just doesn't work for me [teh Rock]. I'd put in maybe Viggo Mortensten [? spelling] or Christian Bale. But that's just me. But as it's been known for a long time; good FX can't save a shitty plot or execution of one. I admit, I'll probably see it just because it's 'Doom' but I think that's what the creators are hoping people will do.