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20th July 2008

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#71 16 years ago

I started Doom3 after playing Far Cry maybe 10 times on the hardest level. Doom3 bores me stiff. It is the same old same old over and over. I cannot get excited about it. I'll keep on, but I find the weapons silly and unbelievably weak and inaccurate. I hate the constant monsters so there is no suspense at all. I really miss Valerie. I don't like the main character. He has no character. The longest I've played in the game is maybe 15 minutes, and then I head for the refrigerator ... or, I swap out the cd and start through Far Cry again. It is a relief to do that. The environment is so much better. Doom3 environment is almost another re-run of Quake I. You never get to go outside and look around. The closest I've come to getting excited was in one level, I got to actually raise a platform on a cart so I could get up on a catwalk. Whoopee! That's about like 5 seconds on a Far Cry Hummer. I've been at it for 4 or 5 weeks, and I'm just tired of it. I wish it would get over. I keep looking for something to get interested in, but it is not even good science fiction. It is like one of those cheapies on the SF channel. I would even settle for one of those irritating women vampire hunters as a partner. At least I could pop her with the shotgun once in a while. The graphics are pointless with no theme. Nothing ever surprises me. I just know when the monsters are coming, so I start shooting before I ever see them. I have so much ammo, I'm beginning to feel sorry for them. I really feel sorry for the Zombies. They remind me of retarded janitors. I want to stop and teach them how to read so they can go get a better job. You'd think we could write a decent game here in the USA, but this time the Krauts beat the crap out of us.