Good Mods to replay Doom 3 with? -1 reply

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#31 13 years ago

Here are some of my favorite mods for Doom3 in no particular order: 1. The Sentry Mod 2. TinMan Squad Mod 3. Allied Marine SquadMates 4. Falken's Light Mod v1.0 5. MachineGun X Mod 6. Classic Shotgun Mod 7. Chaingun fix Mod 8. Easy Grenade Toss v0.2 9. Classic CyberDemon Mod 10.The DUCT TAPE Mod by

With these mods implemented and ready to go, Doom3 becomes whole new game, much better, on par with Quake4. In my opinion, these mods add what's missing in Doom3 and what has been added to Quake4 by I.D. You pick up improved weapons with flashlights attached, "FOLLOWER" marine squad mates,if you want. A machinegun robot "FOLLOWER" sentry with or with-out a flashlight attached to his head. Easy Grenade Toss so Grenade doesn't act like a super ball when you throw it. And last but not least, a CyberDemon Mod so all your weapons can inflict damage to him instead of only just one. Take the time to set-up your mods. Bind the ones you need to for quick spawn-in and then crank up a new game, maybe a level harder as your going to have some help now! You won't be disappointed. As far as map mods go, there's alot to choose from. What I like, you might not! Obviously, Some are excellent and some can be a little lame. However, playing a new map for the first time is always fun and remember the price is always right, so try to enjoy whatever you decide to download. GoodLuck!