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#1 14 years ago

What is the command lin in the Doom3Config fiel in the DIR? I would like to edit it or experiment with it and try to make it so your adrenaline bar at the bottom doesnt drain as fast, if at all.


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21st December 2005

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#2 14 years ago

CaptainSource; I don't think you can do that at the command line. It sounds more like what you're looking for is a console variable ('cheat', if you will), and I haven't looked up any of the console commands recently. If you can modify how quickly your Stamina is used up via the console, you'll probably find that command in a list along with other 'cheats' like God Mode or Full Weapons/Ammo. In case you weren't sure, to open the console, the default keybinds are Ctrl-Alt-~ (the little squiggle below the Esc key). Finding console variables is very easy; just Google 'Doom 3 Console' or 'Doom 3 Cheats' and you'll get a huge amount of hits. I think there's even a list here on Filefront at the Doom 3 hosted site ( but I haven't visited there in a while. Hope this helps! -Worker.