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27th March 2003

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#91 16 years ago

I tend to stay in the office late (yet another Friday night, I leave at 11PM), so I tend to be on before bed. Gosh, I really should go see my girlfriend........ LOL

The primary reason I haven't joined a clan when offered is because I can't commit to a schedule for playing computer games. ;(

Good to see you on tonight, Mark Rosenkrantz


I didn't make it!

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#92 16 years ago

Sorry everyone for forum spam. Yeah good games. I was just throwing the idea out there. Your right though, I didn't like being in a clan either. I actually asked if you got my private message, from like a week ago. I wasn't waiting on an answer to the post lol. I PM'd you cause I have an AudiBiTurbo, and thought it was coincidental.


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21st February 2003

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#93 16 years ago

Originally posted by Gringo Starr [B]Von, read Hewster's post. It says to be 100% honest, and he can take the criticism. In defense of the newb, I'm always switching teams to balance the server. ............ Maybe the changes are also more of a shock since I haven't been playing a lot recently. I've been working on my map for the mod instead. I've even been pimping the mod and my map trying to get even more people playing it.

EXACTLY this applie to me,... i am feeling like Gringo (nice to meet your here Gringo). I was faszinated by the mod. I played a long time on hacked servers, i bought the game to 50 percent to play the WildWest mod. I asked Hewster what I could do for the mod, they offered me to make a map for it (probably simular to Gringo). My last map was for DOOM2 so i had to learn a lot, ...after 5 weeks full mapping I tried to play,.... It was a shock, NO Players, all servers emppty? What happened? Then i had found a game yesterday,... yoh Gringo express my feelings,....we both invested in the mod, too. Maybe there is a way that u can switch between the old and the new mod (yea it isn´t the same, sorry). It isn´t so bad, but it was too late for changes like this,... Some Exkurs of weapon technology: The firerate of colts, ... the US people and other whoe have the (strange) right to bear arms should correct me: But i know that there was a trick to shoot faster, .... the halfautomtic (developed very early). There is no magic behind it, the recoil of the bullets ****(that was in this context a normal word) the gun again, ...and I think it would be interesting for you buy some ammmo magazin from DynamiteNobel, they explain a lot about the ballisitica, it is very interesting to look at. yoh or u say this are all weapon cracks who are able too fire very fast

Greetings Milbo

But good work Hewster, don´t be dissapointed about the "stupid" people who don´t want the "advantages" ;) LOOL

Let us go on!

Updates (after reading the next 8 sites ;)): Thanks for the weaponinformation, probably the colt accuracy to 930 (950) or something like this would be better,.. yea ok, rapid fire looks good (but it doesn´t feel good?). Have to try it again with the colts,.. yeah and the gatling is too accurarate (should spread more). Ah yes, playing to night? Probably we should make a timetable (@hewster, tunnleram has made one maybe we could have it). I think there is the prob to start the mod again :mad: ....But we will revive it,... mod is stilll great yeah. Most changes improve gameplay. But grenades not in water ? and revives should be able to reload,...ah yes and Gringo is right about his explanations of respawn time (i am always thinking about that during mapping, yes Gringo you are right about the key of the mp_beach)

Greetings:rock: :rock: :rock:



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24th March 2003

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#94 16 years ago

:borg: take the vote people lets do this thang,cause it look like 1.13 is a head in the race:stallard: Just for us old timers:lol:,we can keep up no more. Where you got to bolty & hewster not seen you about,well thats about time for me to rid though this joint laters' BYE dirty dog


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26th October 2002

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#95 16 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm back after a short break, you lot still going on about old versions ! lol

I have no objection to someone running a 1.13 server, but I won't be responcable for the potential problems that players might have!

If anyone does run a 1.13 server I suggest that you ensure autodownload is turned off, this will help to reduce any compatability problems.

See my "I is back" post for info about where I see the direction of WildWest heading over the next few months.. It may be very exciting :)