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7th October 2003

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#1 14 years ago

We have only had 2 people hosting a WildWest TeamSpeak server, myself and El Angel Eyes. I think we could use at least one more server, because I will most likely have to stop running mine due to lack of bandwidth. If I run my game server AND my TeamSpeak server at the same time, the TS server causes the game to lag. Anyone with a broadband connection who is NOT running a game server should have no problems hosting a TeamSpeak server. Since a game server relies more heavily on the uplink bandwidth instead of the downlink bandwidth, and since the uplink bandwidth is always significantly smaller than the downlink, the TS eats up too much of it. If you are just playing and not hosting, it is not a problem, unless you get a LOT of people on the TS at the same time. The only real issue is whether or not you can leave their computer running 24/7. If you think you might like to do this, visit and you can download the TS Server software. If you have a static IP address it will help but I think we can still scan for it if you are using dynamic IP. If you have any questions about setting it up, you can post here and we will try to help you with it. Thanks Ignacio