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29th January 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Ok, long time ago (september 2005) i had this idea of a Doom3 mod: , but i dumped it because, i wasn`t plaing doom3 anymore, i wasonly plaing games like Battlefield 2 , FIFA 2006 and NFS: Most wanted, witch aregames much newer than old doom 3. Now i got back on the idea because i realised that since 2004, when Doom3 was released there is no game like it. Anyway now the idea isn`t the same as the original, but it haves lot of thing from it.

Here is the new idea:

The year is 2215 and it`s a bright future with unlimited possibilities for the human kind. Curiosity is still something that caracterises humans. One of the misteries it`s still the Universe. So thats`s why the OSSRC (Outer Space Scientific Research Corporation) was formed. Having a team of over 300 specialists the OSSRC wants to solve many of the Universe`s misteries. They have built lots of sattelites and robots to explore the space, but now they are working on a big project to send people in deep space. They have built a space ship named "Discovery" (has nothing to do with the one built by nasa, only i couldn`t find a better name) witch flies with the speed of light. To fund their project, the OSSRC had made a turistic program with their expedition, so that anyone willing to have a vacation in space will be satisfied. Because they have civillians on board the OSSRC have employed additional staff like security guards, more medics and have also made smaller ships for the turists wo want to get back to earth.

Ok, it`s april the 25`th 2215, and the spaceship takes off with no problems. After a week of traveling with the speed of ligh, the spaceship s far from the solar system , so info from the spaceship will also have a delay of one week to getting to earth (no one can hear you screaming in time :evilgrin: ).

Ok, you are just a simple security guard witch patrols on sector C on the spacecraft. Sector C is the place where turists and staff can go eat in a restaurant, visit varios medical staff (like dentists), or buy different things. As it is 1 am, no one should be there, but you suddently hear a voice comming from down the corridor. You go to find nothing...When your just about to return, you start hearing a piano plaing from the restaurant. You get into the restaurant, and when you get in there it sounds like the sound is comming from the level below the restaurant. You try to insert your security card in the door that leads to the stairs, but it doesen`t work...You try it 3 or 4 times and it eventualy works, but when the door opens, the piano stops plaing. You get down there and find nothing. You start wondering if it has to do with the staff members missing 4 days before... Before you know it, commander calls you to his office...

More info on the game will be knownon the upcomming site. I will let you know about it when it`s ready. Also i`m looking for someone to team up with me on this project 4-5 persons. More info will be known on the mod`s site.