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5th December 2010

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#1 13 years ago

In a recent poll, a lot of people were not aware of the Last Man Standing Coop mod so hopefully this post will help to fix that a bit.

Last Man Standing Coop is located at You can check the About page for a good summary of what Last Man Standing Coop is about.

A quick summary of the mod is that it provides cooperative play for the single player levels and for ROE as well, though for ROE only the first 7 maps are tweaked for coop in version 2.0.

In addition to being able to play the Doom 3 levels cooperative, we have our own custom gametype that features three different types of maps: Defense, Progression and Killfest. As a note, we tried to bring back the feel of the classic doom series in our gameplay.

In defense, the object is to hold out, protect an NPC, etc. against hordes of monsters. In my map radio tower, players are stranded on an outpost on the surface of mars and you have to hold out against monsters that are trying to bash down the doors of the outpost. You can send a distress call and have to try to keep the outpost together long enough for help to arrive.

Progression maps are similar to the Doom 3 SP maps in that you have to progress through a map, but they have our own touch of gameplay, which usually means fighting off hordes of various monsters.

In killfest maps, the level is very small and monsters are thrown at the players fast and heavy. The object is to be the one with the highest score when time runs out.

We also have a hardcore mode which can be voted for through the menu. You can acccess the menu by hitting the esc key. In hardcore mode players have one life, and if a player dies they can spectate other still living players. I object is to have the highest score and to be the last man standing.

Also as an exciting note, our next version will feature inclusion of the Classic Doom 3 Mod and full cooperative support for it! Check out their mod at

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hopefully this helps clear things up a bit for some people. Take care. -calimer