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29th January 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hello, I am a Doom3 fun, but I consider it predictable, and the storyline to shity , so I`ve got an idea of how to make Doom3 from a game witch was considered nasty in 2004 the scariest game of 2005.

Here I will write the first part of this complex and unpredictable storyline.

It`s the year 2821, a bright future with unlimited possibilities. In the high tech laboratories of the OSSRC (Outer Space Scientific Research Corporation), Dr Peter Russel has created a substance named enerlex witch can make a vehicle go 2X faster than the speed of light. In 2830 a space ship is launced by the OSSRC with 3000 crue members. The crue members include marines, scientists , mechanics, electronists etc. After 4 years of deep space exploration the ships mission is over, and they must return on earth. During the mission there were several weird accidents, lots of people were sufering from philogical disorders , ther were missing personel and from the remote misions in witch the mothership was sendig smaller ships to explore with a crue of 8 or less personell 2 of this ships vanished.

All right now your story: You are a mechanic who is very happy because the ship is returnig to Earth and you are going to see your wife and kids again. When the mission is over all the personel is giving a party for their returning home. After the party all the personel is reporting to duty again. You need to go to the bathroom when you wash our hands you watch your self in the mirror. Thats when it happens. you watch your self in the mirror and all becomes black. You wake up full of blood and your clothes looks like they were weared for years. You get out of bathroom and you see decomposed bodies all over the place. You see a dead marine witch has the basic equitment: A pistol, armor, and a flashlight (firs i`ve thinked of night vision gogles , but i`ve considered the to hard to make). After you pick up the equitment you hear a scream from down the corridor next to you. You go to investigate. You find nothing. When yo try to retrn, a zombie falls on you from the ventshaft above. When he falls on you he dousent take any of your health, but he is raising and tryng to attack you. You shot him. When you look closely at the body in the decomposed face you recocnize your best friend. How could it happen, how could all this people die and decompose like this, how could your best friend attack you. You will find some of the answers during the game, but most will remain misteries.

I hope you like this part of the storyline, i`m making a site for my mod. You will find the name of the site shortly.



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23rd February 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Nice story, now just get it done :)


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24th April 2005

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#3 14 years ago

any news on this since the original posting? :moon: