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#1 12 years ago

you know the extreme quality mod on doom 3 files? i like his/she grenades when u throw it a red light appears, the reason im talking about this is im look for a flare mod that works like his grenade where a bright red light appears oh and the flare stays there.Any one know a mod im talking about?:confused:


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#2 12 years ago

There are plenty of mods that do this in www.d3files.com

Just try to put the word flare on the File Search button !!!

Name (Version) sup.gif - Filename Date Downloads Filesize Doom 3 Flare mod - flares.zip disk.gif comments.gif 12-26-2004 810 6.26 KB Flare - flare_by_tets.zip disk.gif comments.gif 10-24-2004 625 586.47 KB Flare Gun - flaregun_v1.zip disk.gif comments.gif 09-17-2005 322 14 KB Flare Mod (V0.1) - flare_mod.zip disk.gif comments.gif 08-09-2004 382 413.62 KB s.gif