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[COLOR=red]***5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.75 just released !!! (fully Linux and MacOS compatible running D3 v1.3.1)***[/COLOR] Installation Note for XP users: Please extract the msi file FIRST to your harddisc and then RUN it since running it directly from the rar file might not work.... Again there are 2 links, a "win32-installer-version" and a "all-OS-non-installer-version" for ppl using Linux or MacOS or ppl that just have trouble to install it on non XP systems..... New Features: Please check the included readme.txt for the new features FTP DOWNLOAD LINK: win32-installer-Version: (367 MB) all-OS-non-Installer-Version: (362 MB) MIRRORS: win32-installer-Version: Soon to follow (367 MB) all-OS-non-Installer-Version: Soon to follow (367 MB) fmj_may_release_trailer_preview.gif FMJ 0.75 Trailer-Stream: 5.56mm Ful Metal Jacket FMJ 0.75 Doom 3 game 3d shooter multiplayer this may trailer - Google Video (for Screenshots at highres please visit the mod's homepage)

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket (beta version 0.75) ============================================ AUTHOR: Oneofthe8devilz E-mail: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Homepage: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket HomePage IMPORTANT ISSUES: 1. I strongly recommend to leave the preset gfx settings as they are, since rising the resolution or enabling AA might result in severe slowdowns... 2. In order to make FMJ dedicated server hosting more reliable for windows XP I have included Adam Sosnowski's "timed keeping alive ded-server script for windows xp". So in order to launch a dedicated FMJ server that is timed and automatically restarts after a crash simply run the "5.56mm FMJ Mod TKADS" shortcut. (for further info on configuring the script simply read the descriptions inside the script file) To just run a dedicated server simply run the "5.56mm FMJ Mod Dedicated Server" shortcut. Due to perfomance but also coding reasons I strongly recommend to play this mod only on a dedicated server. In case you have to play on a Computer that also acts as host DO NOT start a listen server from the game menue but instead launch the FMJ dedicated server (by the shortcut) and then launch the FMJ client to connect to it (type "connect localhost" in the console to join your own server) 3. We have added a toggle weapon function, so in case you kill or steal a weapon from the enemy team, you can switch to it buy pressing the according weapon class key twice (pistols, shotguns,smgs,.....) 4. We have added 2 new Gameplay Types. CTF (Capture the Flag) and CAC (Capture and Control)... While playing CAC, captured CAC torches will turn either blue or red on contact and start to add points to the according team... The team that first reaches the CAC score limit wins so try to conquer and hold as many CAC torches as possible... 5. We have added a "Screen Saver" function for FMJ, just run the "5.56mm FMJ Mod Screensaver" shortcut and enjoy camera flights through the FMJ universe. Linux and macOS can launch the FMJ screensaver by running Doom 3 with the following command line parameters: "+set fs_game 556mmfmj +set r_fullscreen 1 +map screensaver_de_gowbarb" 6. Now that we have added "sticky zoom" you no longer need to keep the zoom button pressed to stay zoomed ;) 7. There is also a third person view feature with this new version... So now during the heat of the battle or while running in formation with your mates you can switch at any time to the third person view and enjoy the show ;) 8. All FMJ shortcuts are also installed to "Programs\5.56mm FMJ" so you can start and control any client or server settings from there too.. INSTALLATION Once you downloaded the rar file, unrar it and run the file "556mmfmj_installer_beta_v075.msi". Make sure to install the mod to your Doom³ Folder so point to it (Example C:\games\Doom³)..Once the installation is complete, a shortcut called "5.56mm FMJ Mod" is created on your desktop and a "5.56mm Full Metal Jacket" shortcut folder is created at your "programs" startmenu...... Double click the shortcut and play.......... In case you have downloaded the "non-installer-version" make sure the shortcut folder directories fit or simply run the bat files in the "556mmfmj" folder. For ppl that want to run FMj under Linux or macOS make sure to launch FMJ with the apropriate shortcut entries.... Thank you for downloading and installing the 5.56mm FMJ Mod ! I hope you will have as much fun playing this as I had making and testing it. If you encounter any problems while running this mod please send me an e-mail to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] and I will try to answer your issue. You may only redistribute this file for free, NOT as a part of any commercial package. Contact me if you want to put this file onto a cd-rom/dvd-rom or any other commercial distribution. This read me file must always be included with any redistribution of this mod. You may put this on your website for download, but only if non-subscribers can also download it. You may not make money with this in any way without contacting me first. You may NOT use any of the Mod's content for other Mods unless you recieved a permission from me. If you have any doubts regarding these rules then contact me via my e-mail. ChangeLog: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.75 =================================== - ported to Linux - ported to macOS - Custom CAC flags - Custom CTF flags - New map "de_sincity" - New map "de_sewers" - New map "de_cathedral" - New map "de_lostfacility" - New map "gz_springhill" - New map "de_gowbarb" - Custom FMJ intro sequence - Telefrag bug with 10 ppl fixed - Crosshair fixed for bright and dark scenes - Screensaver function - New weaponsclass "Shotguns" - Up to 10 players (5vs5) support - Removed SP options from mainmenu - Added thirdperson view - New and nice looking bullet impact effects - New grenade explosion effects, sounds and physics - Improved weapon-balance - Improved weapons-soundshaders - Fixed WeaponViewmodel at Spawn in am_docks - Fixed Jet_sound_playback in am_docks - Fixed fmj_sensitivity for grenades - Added 10 choosable multiplayer CTF models - CAC Gameplay implemented. - CTF Gameplay implemented. - Bleeding and Hurt decals fixed - Medipack clears wounds - g_showpayershadow can now be disabled in mp - Weapon toggle system implemented. - sticky Zoom added 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.45 =================================== - Sniperweapons !!! - new map called AT_WAR - Improved weapon view models - Improved ballistics - Countless little tweaks and bugfixes 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.43 =================================== - 8 different weapons, 4 per side - Realistic bullet-ballistic (real modelled projectiles are fired and react physically correct while getting dragged down by gravity as they proceed flying through the landscape) - Headshots that are deadly with any weapon from any distance - Really huge outdoor environments that are lit with a global lighting system - 6 players (3vs3) support (can be increased if necessary) - A BloomShader which creates a breathtaking HDR like look and makes the Landscaps look more realistic - 5 unique maps - realistic water correctly refracting and reflecting the virtual world ===================================== The Idea Behind it: I always wanted to create a shooter that combines the awesome looking graphics of Doom³ with a more tactical game play. I hope I will succeed in melting those two genres together and enrich the Doom3Community with a Mod that hopefully will find its lovers ;) Credits: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- id software (for keep creating breathtaking 3d engines and for deciding to release them modfriendly) (for keeping us updated about Doom³ and providing us with webspace and a news distribution platform) (for providing us with the world's greatest Doom³ related user, editor and coder exchange forum) Nivelxe (for working hard on this as a team adding sdk features and solving any coding related issues) Simulation|EMZ (for optimizung and providing us with tons of smart & smooth SDK code and porting FMJ to Linux and macOS) Nicemice (for bugfixing, optimizing and syncing code related issues) Sparhawk (for adding the team_spawn/fmj_sensitivity function to the code and testing it out with me) Der_Ton (for the inspiring time and his awesome doom 3 exporting tools) jcdenton22 (for his gui-code contribution and tips) jlamb (for his inspiration and assets contribution) mikebart (for his inspiration and foliage-assets contribution) Adam Sosnowski (for writing this extremly useful timed keeping alive ded-server script for windows xp) santaclaws (for allowing me to use his awesome bloomshader code) Use_less (for modifying SantaClaws shader and porting it to version 1.3) BJA (for contributing his Lost_Facility map) XPAC27 (for contributing his Subterranean map) The Matrixer (for contributing his M_City4 map) Loren Schmidt (for contributing his cathedral map) Mordenkainen (for contributing his atw map) wishmop (for contributing his map and ideas) placemat,headake, the_tam,baxterianism, gecko..... and many others (for betatesting and giving us a good time) Final words: Damn it ...... it was a hell of a long way to get to where we are now and even though it wasn't always easy to work on such a project as a small team it still proved one thing......One man can make a difference.... -Oneofthe8devilz

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