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RC Denton

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14th June 2002

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#1 16 years ago

We've managed to get our first mod hosted on the site, and it's a pretty interesting one too. The text below was sent in by the Mod leader, so enjoy the read -------

Hi, my name is Rob aka Devion, I'm the project leader for a Total conversion we are doing for Doom3. The TC is called Haunted and will be really (really!) different than Doom3 itself. I've copy pasted some of the info you can also find on our forum.

So what's haunted all about?

Basically the player is an heir of some forgotten mansion in the northern parts of Wales, England. The player will find this out by receiving a letter that was actually meant for his great grandfather who died mysteriously before receiving the letter. Somehow the letter ends up in the hands of the player and he starts his quest to seek out the mansion and check if it's worth something. What the player doesn't know that the mansion isn't just what it seems to be and sinister things have happened there over the past decennia. It's up to the player to find out whats causing this and put a stop to it. Expect a lot of NPC's (Certainly around towns), Buy/Sell stuff in shops, Dark shadows but also areas where it's a bit 'lighter'. Also expect more outdoor scenes then just the mansion and it's surroundings.

What can you expect from Haunted when it's finished?

A lot I hope. New models, New textures and new dimension of gameplay (How does that sound for marketing bullshit eh?). Basically we'll have to change about everything there is to be changed in Doom3 for us to make it look like it aint a SciFi shooter. 19th century textures and architecture. All of this requires a load of work and we dont expect it to be finished this year (Expect it to be released probably somewhere around Q2 2005).. Maybe sooner but we aint sure. (Oh and our player will actually talk instead of the Doom3 player who only grunts a few times)

But.... We need more talented people for this dream to come true. 2D Texture artists, 3D Modellers for creating new monster, models and NPC's, Story writers, Cinematic Experts (For the in-game cutscenes), Musicians and Mappers with interest in 19th century architecture. If I forgot something important you can always email me

Though there are a few small rules that you must accept so to speak...

1) Experience = King. People that can only render basic geometry in Maya/3DsMax shouldn't apply (sorry ) 2) Attitude. You must fit in the team. We work together, if you are more the solo-type person.. You might want to look elsewhere, if you can adapt feel free to mail! 3) Volunteering, Basically we wont be making money out of this. We might later on.. but not at this stage. Dont expect a paycheck at the end of the month. We simply dont have a budget. 4) Teamwork, As said in 2).. Teamwork is necessary otherwise this project wont get pretty far. Help people and you can expect that they will help you. Dont help people and you can expect that they probably wont help you either. It's a simple give and take thing. 5) Devotion, We need people that are devoted. If you know that in a few weeks you wont have any time to work on Haunted, then please dont apply, We would love your work but if you can't work on Haunted what good would your help be? Though we don't expect you to work 8 hours a day on Haunted. Though a minimum of 8 hours a week would be nice

For more information and our forums, you can visit us at http://haunted.d3files.com.

If after you read all this stuff and are still interested, you can email me @ [email]Devion@haunted.d3files.com[/email]

Thanks for reading. Rob 'Devion' Janssen



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24th July 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I cant wait... :P


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7th August 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Heh... Me neither ... ;)


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4th September 2004

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#4 16 years ago

Sounds interesting... I'll drop you a mail.