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7th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hi, I am desmasic (founder) from inDark MOD team, and am looking for people interested in joining this MOD. Let us know if you're interested in any of the following:


MODELING We will be needing models for some new enemies and weapons. Mostly, we will give you freedom to make what you can come up with our ideas and storyline. Our biggest focus is on scaring player shitless and giving them a new story with new sci-fi gameplay elements. Also, the new storyline calls for new static meshes for new 'world' we are creating. It is huge, and will require something new.

PROGRAMMING This MOD is uniquely planned so far. We have included many RPG elements with FPS ones. Player will interact with NPC's, you will have allies that you will be able to fight along or call for help. Enemy and Allies react and fight more cleverly than usual doom3. Inventory is something new we are including, the concept is way more detailed and big to discuss here though. Let's just say, the PDA will probably be replaced by something new.

LEVEL DESIGNING I myself am doing the level designing for this MOD. The worlds are huge, and I mean 'HUGE'. Levels won't just end with clicking 'EXIT'. You will play, explore the huge world you've been put into. There are many ways player will be able to take to same destination, many ways to accomplish a task. Level designers job is very intense in this MOD. Hope you're ready :)

CONCEPT ARTIST We would feel a little lost without a concept artist at our side. Designs of levels and characters/weapons definitely will help us improve this mod.

TEXTURE ARTIST You know we need you. New textures will be used heavily in case of less model usage in some level. New character skins, static meshes skins, and more.


To know more about this MOD, simply visit our site or forums for more details.