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26th October 2002

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#1 18 years ago

Hello all... and I bet u all thought I had disappeared..

Well I is still here, and on the case :) Here's a rundown of what has been happening...

I have been playing with new mapping features courtesy of ydnar and his great q3map2 & a new version of Radiant.

I have started a map which I hope to slowly develop over the next 4-6 months.(cave based)

I have learned some new modeling techniques, and am in the process of re-working all the weapons :)

I have started on the shotgun and revolving chambered rifle, as well as a 'petrol bomb' weapon.

I have planned a new class, as either an 'Inventer' or 'industrialist' class, with some ideas for 'original' weapons that he may have.

I have completed merging the wildwest code the new 1.41 source code, But I'm not gona release just yet, as I wana give at least 1 new weapon at the same time.

Ok, so that all sounds good huh... well all was going well until..... last week BOTH my harddrives failed on my main PC !!!! now I'm pretty good when it comes to making backups, but my most recent backup was on the second harddrive that failed. The long and short of it is I have lost all work from about a month before we released, all e-mail regarding the mod and new contact addresses... I even had to install the mod from a magazine cover disk cos I didn't even have that !!!!

On the good side, I did make a separate backup of the new source code, and can continue where I left off.. this is truly a blessing :) However all my new modeling & mapping work is lost.

I will be continuing with developing once I have replaced my Harddrives (need to earn some Ā£ first !)

Right that's about it for now.

Laters all


btw, I need everyone who knows me to e-mail me, so I can re-build my address book..cheers..