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#1 12 years ago

In the doom 3 editor, i created a model using brushes. But when i bsp the map, it says there are a ton of "backward triangles on imput" in the entity display. Doom 3 runs fine, so i know that my computer can support the smoothe gameplay, but my map is very choppy and i only have one model in it (the desk, in a room of course). Is there a way for me to make my map run as smoothe as a doom map? And what is the difference if i make a model in the doom 3 editor instead of a modeler program (which i dont have or can afford)? Any help would greatly be appreciated.



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#2 12 years ago

first off, how many lights are there? if there are more than 1 take them both out. Then make a brush that goes beyond the maps walls and convert it to a light. then don't make the light as bright as possable, try to make it a little grayish.


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#3 12 years ago

yea my light is fine, it just seems like there is too much rendering going on for a few brushes..... and doom 3 has a ton of stuff in thier maps..... I was told in the original doom games, when you made your own map, you had to save it as a different file you need to do that to make the map run smoothe like a doom map?