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#1 12 years ago

I was just trying to figure out how to use more than one mod at a time e.g I have the enhanced gore mod, but I want to put lights on my guns and up the damage a bit, so I downloaded two other mods to do this but I can only run one at a time. Is there some way to make just one big mod?? Even If I could just get the lights to work it would do me, but the extra gore is tooooo cool to lose!! Thnx


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#2 12 years ago

Your problem is this, each mod, uses some of the same files, but they're edited in different ways. For the gun lights and weapon upgrades, slight changes were made to the weapon definition files, and for many gore mods, changes were also made to the weapon definition files.

In order to play with them both enabled, would mean to take both mods, collect all the changes in each one, and put them into vanilla weapon definition file, thus creating your own (compilation) mod. I’ve done it before, and it takes some time. How much time, depends on the complexity of each mod you’re incorporating into another. Small mods are easy to merge into one another, on the other hand larger ones are not.

Doom reads mods alphabetically. If you rename one mod to be lower in this list instead of higher, you can get different results then if it was higher in the list. Once the game finds changes in a custom mod, it then changes to the same areas in other mods. Least thats how i've understood it.


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#3 12 years ago

You can try using a direct access or executing Doom 3 from ms-dos into the D3 directory/folder like in this example...:

"c:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3_v13.exe" +set fs_game_base dentonmod +set fs_game omegalabs +disconnect

In +set fs_game_base you can put the base mod that you like and then in the +set fs_game another mod or better a maps folder where you have your best maps sp or mp for D3 !!!

Warning...: Some mods will not run because of the already described above by Sedistix.