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#1 16 years ago

I have some ideas for a mod, but I am clueless as to how to go about putting it together. I have been reading and re-reading but it isn't helping me towards my goals. If you know how to help me with some roadblocks I am facing or would like to outright do the necessary programming and make this a cooperative project it would be very appreciated.

1. While I fought through Doom 3 on Veteran (hard) difficulty, I never once had to worry about not having plenty of ammo for any single weapon in my arsenal. Much of the fun I had playing Doom 2 was trying to survive despite not having enough ammo to immediately gun down everything in sight. This is especially true because dying caused the player to restart the level with only a pistol and 50 bullets. One remedy for this problem that is very realistic is to remove a full clips worth of ammo from inventory each time the pistol, machinegun, plasmagun, rocket launcher, or BFG is reloaded.

2. Picking items up unintentionally is a aggrivation I've had in almost every first person shooter I have played. For example, I would accidentally walk over a medkit with my health at 99%, and later be low on health and in desperate need of that medkit I previously squandered. In Doom 3 I often walk over items I didn't even see because they were obscured in the darkness. My idea to fix this is to change the way that the player picks up items. In order to pick up an item the player would move inside the item's bounding box, get the item centered on their screen, and click the zoom button. This will also help to fix the overabundance of ammo because the player will miss out on several ammo pickups unless they search the entire level meticulously with their flashlight.

3. The pistol is wielded with one hand, so the player should be able to hold a flashlight in their left hand while using the pistol. The flashlight should logically be lowerered from the screen while the pistol is being reloaded.

4. Armor is of much less importance in single player than it is in deathmatch, and this is something I want to change. Armor will have no effect until it is activated. When active, it works exactly like security armor but with g_armorprotection 0.75 instead of a pathetic 0.2. In addition to depleting by the amount of damage it absorbs, it also depletes at the rate of 1 armor point every second. Each activation costs 5 armor points and it can be deactivated and reactivated later. Picking up a suit of armor will give a full 125 armor points.

I will also put this post into the top thread of this forum.