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John Leonard

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26th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

My name is John Leonard (aka Odaiba). I am the creater of Redsun2020 mod for DeusEx. It took me 5 years to finish with our group but we are done! So what is my next project? Well, I told myself not to do another mod but I cannot resist. But things will be different. I will not be doing any hands on like creating levels like redsun2020. Instead, I will create the storyline, host the site, Director and producer, member organizer and tester. I already have the name but not much out of that. I first play the game and understand the storyline of Doom3. Most likely I will create a side story based on the facts that are presended in Doom3. I will also need to lock myself in a room for 2 months to create the pre-production story and documentation before actual production work. I am interested in talented group of mod people. I first need to grab the good guys on the net who have experience and want to show their talent off. This mod will probably end up being a resumee to professional work. Anyway, I like to hear from you guys and to see if there is anyone interested. If you have concerns about who I am, check out redsun2020 mod and my finish product. (just type redsun2020 in google search and you can get to the URL) Note: I know there is some good talent out there and worry about entering a bad mod or a mod which will fail down the road, etc. Hopefully, I have the credibility that you are looking for. As for the theme; It depends if I can get a good model designer or not. If I can not, I will need to create a storyline based on existing charecters and forcus on new storyline and levels. This is why I am keeping an open mind on what to do at this point. Oh Yea, I do not expect another 5 year project but 18 to 26 months of production work. You can reply to this form or email me at quatuneATmarkyahooDOTcoDOTjp. (If I get spam, I will just close the account and create another one) - Odaiba (Redsun2020 Mod Director)