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6th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

While back when the unthinkable happened, thousands of gaming commuters saw what was not supposed to be seen. Rumors and rants speculated onward as the horrid date moved further into the past. Doom three will be awesome, d3 is going to rock. Now as the gaming commuter faced the release of this gold plated, titanium filled piece of indescribable art they noticed several things. Scenes missing, scenes that grabbed the gaming community by its balls and squeezed as hard as it were possible. Not only that but zombies, that were easily killed came back to life moments after, no longer came back. They stayed dead or gibed in an untimely fashion.

I have played bits and pieces of this masterpiece (I am what the today’s world calls a pussy. I play the game for some time then I ran out of the room put on teletubbies on the TV and forget what I have seen. Terrifying this game is, very, very, terrifying)

Well onto the main point. Even though this game is frightening I came here to ask, nay, beg for this resurrection mod. Zombies that will come back from the dead to haunt you. Sure the game might become unstable once you get thirty + zombies chasing you but is it not possible to make them truly meet their demise? A zombie should get a second chance at life.

I know nothing of modding/scripting so I implore you to do me, a poor frightened peasant, a favor. Please. It would be 'awesome' to see the horrors of this game increase ten fold just because the zombies you thought were dead rose from their grave and began attacking you as you walked away. Think of the fear such modification will induce. Think of the heart attacks you might cause! You know you want to create a mod like that. Then do it! if not for the peg legged Timmy hiding from my alcoholic and abusive father then do it for me because I have brought you the most important thing in the world. I’ve brought you child's laughter teheheheehehhehehehehe.



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22nd October 2003

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#2 16 years ago

argh.. you chose the same name for you 'mod' as me, but I'm keeping mine a secret till saturday :rolleyes: