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#1 16 years ago

Hey everyone! We're creating a FPS/RPG hybrid total conversion of Doom 3 that has its gameplay roots in games like System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. The core development team of Sapphire Scar includes 15 members as well as several contributors. With the new year, we've been kicking our production efforts into a higher gear. We're in need of pretty much one or two of everything: concept artists, modelers, texturers/skinners, mappers, musicians, coders, and sound effect techs. If you have skills and you'd like to become part of a team where everyone is respected and valued, please read on. Our story sets us on Europa around the year 2150. A space elevator with facilities in space, on the surface, and below in the ocean's deapths has been built to mine and to supply the new martian frontier with a viable source of water other than Earth. Sapphire also hosts medical, military, and private research facilities. Under the surface near the ocean's depths lives rudimentary life forms found to harbor limited but real psionic abilities. They proceed to study, in secret, the psionic life forms from the ocean bottom. You are a security officer posted to police the installation. A series of events unfolds and you're launched into a battle you never expected to fight; against your parent corporation, against your comrades, and against yourself. The long and twisted elements of the game will take you through corporate crime, government conspiracy, and an underground resistance. It will test your values and challenge you to choose between opposing objectives. If interested, please eMail me at [email=""][/email] (remove NOSPAM when mailing ;) ) or visit our website and be sure to introduce yourself on the Now Hiring section of our Forum! On the website you'll also be able to find plenty of concept art as well as more general info on the total conversion. We are looking forward to meet you! Best regards, Soundwave Sapphire Scar Team Human Relations