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#1 15 years ago

Greetings everyone. I have been working on a Doom 3 mod for a while, and I think it's ready for it's first release. Before I do that, though, I'd like any comments, suggestions, ideas, ect. They would all be greatly appreciated!

Shau's Revised Nightmare Composite Mod

General description of the mod-

This mod increases the difficulty of the game by improving monster AI, upgrading monster attacks, and increasing monster health. In addition to all that, a few weapon changes as well.

Note: This mod is meant to be a replacement for nightmare (Come on iD, that health tick down crap is LAME). However, it has been balanced to be played on VETERAN. If you somehow manage to beat it on the actual nightmare difficulty, you can be sure that you possess some phenomenal skill!

Keep in mind as well.....since the monsters have increased health, it means they also take more bullets to dispatch. If you fire, you had better make sure it hits something! You also might wanna start working on nailing them headshots, lest you become very familiar with your fists and chainsaw!

Changes to monster health-

Zsec Shotgun:90->200 Zsec Shield:110->350 Zsec Pistol:55->200 Zsec Machine:90->250 Commando Gun:225->425 Commando:170->375 Chainsawer:125->250 Lost Soul:20->40 Cacodemon:200->350 Wraith:130->275 Trite:20->20 Revenant:272->600 Pinky:220->475 Mancubus:1000->1600 Maggot:80->220 Imp:130->300 Hellknight:900->1250 Cherub:50->150 Archvile:425->900 Vagary:1300->2000 Saboath:1750->3000 Seeker:70->150 Cyberdemon: 4000-> 12000

Changes to monster AI and attacks-

Cacodemon: Spawns lost souls (Script created by Mausus Atlas, spawn rate modified by me to be lower). Projectile velocity doubled, health increased 5->20, splash increased 48->100, direct hit damage increased 12->20, splash damage increased 5->12. Fireball attack rate increased (More more confused, panicking Cacodemons floating around doing nothing!).

Wraith: Doubled walk/run velocity. Melee range increased 48->72, damage increased 12->16. New, faster and stealthier teleport by Captain Obvious.

Trite: Doubled run/walk velocity.

Revenant: Dodges much more frequently and dodges twice as fast. Missiles health increased 5->32. Melee range increased 52->72. Missile launching animations increased 50%. Movement speed increased 25%.

Imp: Increased leap rate. Increased leap velocity 25%. Increased leap damage 8->20.

Archvile: Increased spellcasting rate. Now has a 12% chance to summon in a random monster instead of casting a firewall. Wraith is 4%. Revenant, cherub, cacodemon, and imp all 2%. Dodges slightly more often.

Cyberdemon: Receives damage from all weapons. Doubled walk speed. Increased rocket splash radius 40->180.

Weapon Changes-

Fists: None. Who uses fists anyway?

Pistol: Decreased magazine size 12->8, decreased firing rate by 35%, increased damage 14->28. Bullet pickups reduced by 1/3. Overall about 30% increased damage per second.

Chaingun: Increased clip size 60->99.

Grenades: Applied Easy Grenade Toss mod by Psycho_Munky. Use grenade hotkey to quickly toss grenade (A good hotkey to use is the right mouse button). Unable to know how many you have as you cannot scroll to grenades anymore, advisable to write it down. Grenades are now actually made of metal instead of rubber (less bouncy). Grenades also thrown at only one strength, use y-axis to increase/decrease distance (In other words, aim higher or lower).

Plasma Gun: Decreased clip size 50->30.

Soulcube: Damage decreased 1000->500. Requires 12 demon kills to use.


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#2 15 years ago

i have a suggestion and it's something i couldn't get to work in my mod so i was wondering if you could get it to work. Try putting gunlights on the guns but you can turn it off and on like with the Flashlight in Multiplayer.