SOUND MODDER NEEDED! PLZ HELP. fix corruped sound file -1 reply

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28th March 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I’m a mapper and modeler for Half-Life, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Call of Duty (Go get the upcoming SWAT mod. I got just got DOOM 3 about a week ago.

I was walking through a dark corridor of the USC. I heard a sharp clicking sound ever 2 seconds. I took out my flash light and waved my head around looking for some creature. But the sound stopped. I continued on my mission and then I heard the clicking sounds again. Was some unknown creature following me? :eek:

no it was a corrupted sound file

The last time I played the game i noticed a clicking sound when I walked. When I stopped walking the irritating sound stopped. My speculation is either my CD is scratched or the default walking sound file (the foot steeps of the main character that the player controls) is screwed up(the clicking sound similar to a audio CD skipping). I’m asking for a sound engineer/moder to create a sound mod to fix my horrible problem or to direct me to a released sound mod that would fix my problem.

I tried to swap the DOOM demo sound files with the actual complete games files so i made a vcd file of the cd.

you can contact me at [email=""][/email]