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9th August 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Well, I don't have any experience in making mods, skinning, modeling, ext. but i would like to learn. But as for my idea. I was thinking, how about a mod that is 5 years after "Hell Breaks Loose". In simple terms a follow up to Doom3. You start the game as a new recruit and since Srgt. Kelly (sorry if i get anything wrong) died, make the marine you played as in Doom3 the Srgt. You go through basic training, and "Hell Week" (even though that's not the Marines but given the Doom3 atmosphere). Well, sence the UAC and all of the facility has kept the "Hell" top secret our new recruit has no idea what he might be up against (considering the end of Doom3[The scientist in the flying demon could be final boss?]). He (The New Recruit [have not thought of a name]) discovers hidden pictures and videos of the masacure in 2145(that is right, right?) so, he tries to leave the Marines, but the Sarge says he can't leave until his three year contract with the Marines is up. Then, we go into the future (about a week or so before he can leave) and he loses his ticket out of there. So, he goes off hunting for it and oncec he finds it he gets back to the command center and see's it a mess with blood and writing all over the walls. He goes and finds the Sarge but all he see's is a UAC-PDA with the Sarges name(he has all the PDA's from Doom3 locked away inside it). The recruit panics and tries to see what all of the PDA's say then he wakes up, It's the day he leaves for home. That's pretty much all I have. It's rather long. But, Hey atleast I'd like to see this Mod. If anyone is intrested be my guest :). If you are intrested you can change it up anyway possible but try to keep it a little the same. Thanks.


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25th March 2003

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#2 15 years ago

a followup eh.... hm... how does it end... all the demons get sent back in a portal to hell or something? if so mayby the followup will be like... 3 years after the mars disaster a possed human with a demon inside opens the portal ON EARTH... and now the hell spawns are determind to destroy the human race once and for all... you (a new guy) must find the possesed human/demon and destroy him to close the portal (mayby he can be a gate keeper or something). im not to good with stories but thats my idea :)