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#1 13 years ago

Hi everybody, Here is a little topic for some jobs in our team. First, we are working on a total conversion (with a lots of new features) of Requiem Avenging Angel on Doom III. You can find an interview of the team in french on Sourceofdoom.com. > http://www.sourceofdoom.com/dossiers/3238/ And so, we are recruiting... we need : - 1 more coder that know the doom3 engine - 1 2D artist for texture, normal map and all 2d things... - 1 High poly modeler and animator - 1 pretty good mapper We are 10 for now and all french... but we are pretty good in english, and we can work with anyone who can speak english... or french So that's it... just some pictures and a first music theme that my sound designer is working on. Angel on Earth, main game theme If you're interested in working with us, just contact me by mail or pm... Somes redesigned demons c010d941cc06b6e76ab256e1c8e5t.jpg geryon.jpg some screenies of an enemy in the original game mech_old.jpg and our low poly model mech_render.jpg a vehicle of the TC http://kaiderenphp.free.fr/sons/requiem/truck.jpg