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11th October 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Team Future is about to start work on it's second project (the first being RTC-3057 for (z)doom2 wich is still in progress) and we are in need of a writer that we find have the same idea of what we have, to storytelling. We intend to work alongside of the writer, meaning we plan to develop the levels and story together. Not have a story written and then follow it nor do we intend to give the writer specific directives that he or she need to follow. We are aiming to make a missionpack expansion for Doom3 and to have a stellar story that develop throughout the progression of the game and immerse the player into the world wich it's thrown into. Nothing will be left to chance. To those of you who may be intrested we would want you to submit previous material to us so we can make sure we choose the one writer we find most suiting to our needs, and that we'd be most comfortable to work with. Best regards. Jacob "Shaviro" Kruse and Kristian "Kristus" Käll