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14th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

1. Spawn camping is rife, just put people in houses with one way doors or some other inaccesble way like if you walk into the zone of spawn u die if from other team. Im not joking but a lot of people seem to think its meant to be like this, spawn camping noobs.

2. The rspeeds are horrible on most of the maps due to dreaful vis, you released the .map files and you can see the el drab bank map has no vis really and the hint brushes are competely wrong, not one of them works, what a waste of time. The whole map is being drawn at any one place most of the time, ive got a geforce 4 ti and im getting a best fps of 20 in most places. It needs to be removed, it hasnt been made correctly and im sure the author probably knows that by now, just try the r_showtris command, the hint brushes dont work and the layout of the map isnt right for the engine.

3. Many textures are very low quality and look washed out and blown out, its obvious who ever made them is new at it, i suggest increasing the contrast and darking the colors, all textures in rtcw come out brighter in the game than they do in say photoshop/paintshop, so you darken them in the editor.

4. Gun models are rubbish as im sure you know, many errors and the hands to and i notice people are holding mp40s etc.

5. Although the voice sounds are the best ive ever heard in any game, by contrast the quality of the gun sounds sound like they have been taped of a portable tv

6. The colors on the menu and the hud are awful, they dont go, green and yellowish colors look horrible together, the hud needs redoing.

7. The site gun loading is pointless and annoying, the entrance page is pointless and annoying. The site should have its own forums not on these sites, that is one reason why there emtpy, get your own free forums installed or if you cant, fair enough, but have them here not on that clan forum, possibly the worse color design ever on those dsb clan forums, really horrible.

8. Just incread the quality and get rid of the amateur feel to the mod and quit linking clans, people are not interested in clan forums with parts to wild west, its unprofessional and god the color make people ill.

Anyway dont get mad im only trying to help, good luck,


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12th November 2002

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#2 15 years ago

1) Agreed. The town's spawn points aren't very good; the cowboys first spawn point is right on top of the flag, which can make it difficult for the bandits to take it any way save stealth. The bandits first spawn point is very easy to camp. The cowboys second spawn point is only a touch better, because it's so bottlenecked. (Two bandit engineers can blockade the cowboys into the corner for quite some time while their compatriot escapes with the gold.)

2) Check your settings; I run an ATI 8500DV on a P3-800, and have no problem whatsoever pushing 40fps on all maps.

3) The textures look good to me, as well; are you running overbright bits?

4) I haven't come across any errors, but I've seen screenshots of some. Not sure what causes this.

5) Do you have the additional sound pack installed? Barring that, do you have the actual guns in question (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) that someone could test-fire and record? ;D

6) Agreed, the HUD's got a few quirks... but since a good portion of it is still the default RTCW settings, it's got room to grow.

7) Umm.. I agree with the spinning gun on the mod's website. I'm not sure what you need that delay for, guys, unless you're preloading the graphics... and I think I'd rather have the text and let the graphics fill in when they come. As far as the clan forum's concerned, I semi-disagree, so long as pertinent information is posted in both places. I'd prefer to see it all in one place, but that's putting eggs in a single basket, so to speak.

8) I completely disagree with the clan-site colors making someone ill. As someone who grew up on green-screen consoles, I think perhaps Midas needs to get his eyes checked; perhaps he needs slight correction. My question is how the model in question on the clan website relates to the clan. "DevilStomperBattalion" certainly doesn't elicit thoughts of rather attractive young ladies to me.

That being said... I *really* enjoy this mod; great job, guys, and good fortune with further development. :D (Wish I could lend a hand, but the closest I come to development is systems administration.)