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#1 13 years ago

im thinking of making a fanfilm based on the classic doom games. but i dont want to disgrace the appearance of the cyberdemon by trying to make one with our no-budget makeup... im gonna greenscreen a cyberdemon (with the classic doom skin) into the movie. so... either somebody could tell me how to make a map... or make it for me.

i just need a huge green room, and a separate map of a huge blue room. they need to be bright... anybody who's seen behind the scenes footage of the matrix or whatever knows what i mean. (if possible, the walls should be curved to the floor and cieling. if there's a dark crease where the wall meets the floor or cieling, i wont be able to cut it out very easily)

i can spawn my own enemies with the cheat codes, so i'd just need a big room... this should be very simple, and this is a budgetless labor of love, so i cant offer anything more than your name on the credits, (could be a nickname if you wish)

(im thinknig of using this for the cacodemon and some lost souls too... with the classic skins of course... its not that i think they look better, they just look more like the original games)


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#2 13 years ago

There are video tutorials on how to make a doom 3 map they're free. Just download one from doom3files.