wound decals usable for every mod => help needed to do this!!!! -1 reply

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25th April 2007

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#1 14 years ago

Hi, I want to convert my wound decal mod(DrBloodv1.0a) into an ADDON mod to other mods. What i mean is i do not want it to intefere with other mods so when you put it into the directory of someothermod (e.g xxx mod) you begin to play your xxx mod with my wound decals but nothing else (skins, effects, weapon behaviours........) releated to xxx mod is changed. Someone who has the knowledge to do this is needed. DrBloodv1.0a contains some minor changes other than decals and smoke effect of plasma wound (like some sounds, staying corpses and blood) but i do not want them to be present if i can convert it into an ADDON mod. (only decals and smoke effect of plasma wound) Please help!!!!!!!!