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6th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ok, i looked a bit and it seems no one posted here about the crash problem with ati so i figured i'd do a public service. I dont know if it applies to all ATI mobility cards, but i know that Alienware has been getting a ton of flack about the Doom 3 crash problem. It is an easy fix, though it took me a couple of days of trial and error and scream at the techies. Ok, if you have an ATI 9600/9700 Pro Mobility card, you are probably experiencing a crash problem with Doom 3 about every 5-10 minutes. To fix this, revert back to the 7.96 drivers, or simply do not update to the new 7.99 drivers. i dont know why but !!!!!!THE ATI 9600/9700 PRO MOBILITY 7.99 DRIVERS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DOOM 3!!!!!! hope i am some help, and i have already told both ati and aleinware about my discovery which their techs seemed to be blind to. happy hunting all!!!