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#1 11 years ago

I have 2 PCs: 1st: WinXP(x64) 2GB RAM 120 GB SATA HDD 512 MB NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD (i think 7600 GS or somethin) 2nd: Win XP 512 MB ram 20 (yes!) GB HDD onboard (yes!) graphics card (probably 32MB one) Both are of contrast i know. So Ive installed DOOM 3 on the 1st one and connected both with LAN. I shared the "program files" folder in the 1st to the 2nd PC. then I ran DOOM3 on the second from the shared folder (on LAN)........ it started.....but the graphics sucked! Obviously the game was using the 2nd's graphics "power" to run the game and it ran slow and chunky. So you know my question by now. HOW do I run the game on the 2nd PC by utilizing the 1st PC's graphics and processing power ??? Thank you for listening to my sad find a solution for it quickly so I can play the game. jaideepster