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28th July 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Before both D3 and ROE worked perfect with no lag, I took my computer in for a little inspection cause apparently there was somthing wrong with some font crap. And to my surprise when I went to pick it up the *-hole wiped my entire computer and installed some driver crap that totaly screwed all my games. Now I put my origanal driver back on, but now D3 and ROE do not work properly its all laggy worse then a server with a ping of a thousand. I keep every thing on lowest setting but it still lags horribly.

I got 2.4 ghz, nvidia 6150LE,winVista, got all patches and my drivers are completly up to date. I am able to run HL2 on highest settings no problem.

I do have a few mods on it please tell me if they would cause the problems

doom3 to doom2 classic sound pack rapid fire double barrel shotgun ROE chainsaw mod


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28th September 2006

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#2 13 years ago

This mods cannnot cause any problems if they are installed correctly in Doom3 folder, do NOT install in base folder !!!