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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys,

when using the following mods for Doom3, I have problems loading non-automatic savegames (quicksaves and saves done in the pause menu):

- BloodyMess - NitroGore - GoW-Spatter - TrentReznorMonsterSounds (from Tets Enhanced Gore Mod) - TrentReznorWeaponSounds (from Tets Enhanced Gore Mod)

Saving inside the game is no problem, but it will start when trying to load one of these saves. Then the loading screen appears and the progress moves on until shortly after the half, let's say at 55-60%. After the crash I'm back in windows and the save isn't working obviously. So my own savegames become practically useless by now. I have just two solutions, what I can do:

- continue to play from last autosave, where loading works fine and I have to start from the beginning of the level or - play without mods, which is also bad. I don't need to tell you how better it is with dead bodies staying, better weapon sounds and more blood.

I tried around just to use one or two of the mods, but the savegame can still not be loaded, so it seems to be corrupted and I have to play the same level for the third time now...

Help is appreciated, did you have such problem, too? Maybe there is an easy solution of this. Please let me know.

Thanks Venom

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#2 11 years ago

I only installed Doom 3 a few hours ago, but i do know Quake 4 pretty well which runs on the same engine. Re-install, patch to the same version, and apply mods. Test between every mod to see if it works. When the loads are corrupted again, remove the mod. Check if two mods replace the same file.


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#3 11 years ago

When playing any game using a mod NEVER EVER use any saved game, but if you don't want to start from the first level, simply open the console in game and type...:

map game/nameofthemapyouwanttoplay

Then the map would load with no problems and using the features of the mod you are currently using !

That's all. :D