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#1 12 years ago

Hi. I'm new.

been trying to get D3 to play for days now.

so far

uninstalled and reinstalled every driver from ATI (with and without CCC [yes dot.NET Framework was installed after sp2 and before ATI w/CCC]) and their Omega counterparts (with ATITT loaded and unloaded in both OPEN GL and DirectX from (using ATI release #s)v5.7 to 6.2

uninstalled Net to unload ATI with CCC, and reloaded accordingly before installs of each ATI ccc offering. unloaded both to unload sp2 thinking it might improve, it did not.

uninstalled D3 and reinstalled various times troughout all of this

currently reinstalled SP2, and omega release for ATI 6.2 with ATITT loaded. and i took out the onboard realtek 8.1 sound for a creative SB Live digital (Dell Ed running on windows XP drivers.) i figured i'd take stress off the system in games by adding on a sound processer..besides i don't like realtek.

anyway with either onboard sound or the card i get the same thing.

the attached screen shots are of 1) before game is in play, and 2) while game is in play with omega drivers with ATITT loaded in OPEN GL...this is what i see before the crash.

no matter what i do i get the same crap before i studders/freezes or freezes with a scrambled screen. or sometimes in open GL freezes with no sound and mouse frozen while at the game's start menu.

please someone give me some ideas as to what i should do.


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#2 12 years ago

What are your system specs.